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Foreign students at ESIR

ESIR offers integrated 5-years Master's degree programs in Information Sciences (Electronics, Telecommunication, Networking, Computer Science, Biomedical Sciences) and Material Sciences. Students from abroad are warmly welcomed at ESIR where they can study for one semester, one year, two years or for the final three years of the courses proposed at ESIR.

ESIR, as part of University of Rennes 1 (, is involved in several exchange programs with partner Universities and Schools, among which:

  • in Europe: Politecnico Di Milano & Univ. Perugia (Italy); Poznan AM Univ. & Poznan University of Technology (Poland); Universitate a Technica Din Cluj-Napoca (Romania); Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya & Universidad da Coruña (Spain); University of New-Castle (UK);
  • in Africa: ESIAC (Cameroon); INPHB (Côte d’Ivoire);
  • in North America: UQAC (Canada);
  • in Asia: Graduate School of Engineering of Kyoto University (Japan).

Which courses?

ESIR offers Master's degrees in Computing science, IoT, Biomedical Science, Telecom and networking and Materials Science. Foreign students can choose several or all courses in one degree program. Some courses are proposed in English.

Incoming students are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant academics in charge of the different degree programs to enquire about the compatibility of the courses, and the language of teaching.

Detailed courses programs :

What we offer

A specific welcome and orientation programme is provided by University of Rennes 1 and ESIR to incoming exchange students starting, from their arrival at Rennes (airport or train station). For instance, French language courses are offered (FLE : Français Langue Etrangère).

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