En anglais, les étudiants ESIR 2 en mode projet

Les élèves ingénieurs du module "Anglais" de l'enseignante Lucy Arbuckle ont présenté en anglais leurs projets du Parcours Professionnalisation « Création et Innovation ».
En anglais, les étudiants ESIR 2 en mode projet

The engineering students presented their "Creation and Innovation" final projects as part of the Professional Skills course taught through English.

The objective of this course is for students to practise and improve their linguistic and soft skills through project development and management. It is aimed at students with a B2 certification or equivalent in English.

Starting with 14 hours of discussion and activities focusing on soft skills, the students then applied creative thinking techniques to identify projects that would develop their skills, expertise and professional development objectives.

The projects covered a range of different topics: design and creation of video games, a special effects video, a serious escape game, a newsletter published on Instagram, a website for foreign students, vlogs on YouTube...

The projects followed the classic project management phases: Design, Execution, Implementation, Review and Closure. The students identified SMART goals to develop their language, project management and soft skills throughout the year.